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    – Student photo card with 02 sides or certificate of student sending abroad with seal (original and notarized English / Korean translation). When applying for a Korean Student Visa, most students will need to come to an interview with a representative of the Embassy. This is a great advantage for families of students compared to before in preparing financial records.

    The condition for Vietnamese students to enter the Master course is a university degree with good academic performance, a TOPIK 4 – 5 certificate or IELTS minimum 6.0 – 6.5. Tuition fee for Master’s degree will be about 4,000 – 7,000 USD / year. University programs in Korea usually last 4 years; In addition, it is possible for 5-6 years for specific fields of study (eg Medicine, Dentistry) or 3 years for International School. Currently, Korea has about 250 universities across the country, most of general training, diverse specialties. In contrast to Europe, the school year in Korea starts in March and the second semester begins in September. Korean students will go to school all Saturday, but there are 2 holidays: summer vacation in August – September and winter vacation lasts from December to early February next year.

    Trí Entertainment: In Korean language courses, most schools have sightseeing programs, cultural exchanges to help students integrate and live Korean life more easily and quickly. Universities in South Korea have Korean language courses for international students. September to November is the time of autumn – when Korea’s natural weather is at its best, with crystal clear blue skies, gentle golden sunshine and colorful maple leaves.

    Therefore, it can be ensured that besides the guaranteed time for studying, international students can still work and have enough money to cover their living expenses. On average, an international student is allowed to work over 28 hours / week during the course and 8 hours / day on holidays. The Korean Embassy in Vietnam will keep all personal information of related persons to note when issuing other types of visa such as tourist visa.

    In the case of students with low academic achievement, the Embassy will strengthen Korean language testing to understand the purpose of studying abroad and the determination of students to study. For cases that cannot be verified in the above way, the Embassy must increase the interview for international students.

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