Questions Series…In the Home


40 laminated photo cards. 5″x 3.5″.
The goal of this series enables a child to understand “Wh” questions. There are 8 events. Each event has 5 “Wh” questions in sequence. This helps the child to answer questions in context.

Each question sequence contains a “Where, Why, What, Which and When” question. The child understands the value of “Wh” questions when events are broken down into structured questions. “Why do you eat breakfast?” “Because you’re hungry”, is just a piece of arbitrary information. Putting questions into sequence gives meaning to the questions and helps the child understand an event. You eat when you’re hungry, you make breakfast in the kitchen, you can eat cereal for breakfast, you wash the dishes when you’re done and you need a spoon for cereal. These question sequences help a child make sense of their world. Other examples in the pack include hide and seek, taking a bath, brushing our teeth, baking cookies, doing laundry, eating breakfast, planting flowers and swimming in the pool

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